JULY: PROPHETIC WORD. For even as "7" means completeness and perfection, I remind my people that I have completed and perfected all things that pertain to total victory! For in this 7th month many will rule over what has been ruling them! For I have given my people power to tread down all of their enemies. You shall tread upon the lion (Devourer), and you shall destroy the works of the adder (the toxic voices and plans of evil) I have given you

power to destroy the works of the scorpion and the snake (witchcraft attacks). You will rise up with a greater authority and assurance of who you are in me says God. Haven’t I defeated Satan? Haven’t I destroyed his kingdom? Should there be room for doubt that your victory is secure in me? Trust me says the Lord. Trust me with a greater trust. For my word declares, Let us return to the Lord, let us be still in His presence and know that He is God. Surely I am God and my Son has won the victory! He is your King, O kings of the earth! As your trust in me is strengthened in this hour, you will experience mighty victories this month. I call you to stand in your kingship and authority. Make your spiritual enemies bow at the sound of your voice as you execute the weapons I have given you. Terrorize your spiritual enemies with the weapons and angel armies I have provided for you. For the weapons of your warfare are great and they are indestructible in their workings. For you are kings in the earth. You’ve been called to be a royal priesthood. Act like the kings the blood of my son has made you. Break the backbone of fear, doubt and unbelief! Rise up in your kingly authority. I saw a ruby red crown in the spirit. The Lord says, put on your crown of rubies for rubies are the birthstone of this month. Rubies are the king among all gems. Haven’t I declared that you’ve been crowned with glory and honor? Haven’t I put all things in the earth under your command? So act like me, your King, in the earth. Wear your ruby crown of great value and worth! Your crown declares your worth, and your royalty! You represent my absolute rule and absolute power in the earth. Don’t be afraid to confront the forces of darkness. For in confrontation you will have assured victory.

The Lord says some are under attack by witchcraft. Sickness, problems, and people are being stirred up against some through the power of witchcraft. The Lord says darkness wants to block the blessings I have declared over my people. However, the Lord says, I have given you the ability to dismantle all of the plots of the wicked that have stood against you. Make your declarations and decrees known, O kings of the earth. So, begin to declare, “No more, No more, No more shall my enemies torment me. Now I torment the Tormenter and I arrest the Arrester because I have the power and authority to rule over all the works of darkness. The authority that has been invested in me through the cross and the blood of the Lamb has secured my victory! I rule over all witchcraft attacks, all evil plots, all sickness and disease and all the works of the enemy because I have been positioned by Christ to do so! Nothing can take away my rulership and kingship I have in Christ Jesus!” For every enemy must bow to the name that is above every name, JESUS!! I rule and I reign over every spiritual enemy in Jesus name! 

Demetrice Mason

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